Are you a Board Administrator, School Administrator, Classroom Teacher, or Support Staff?

With EDGE4, you can capture all data sources into one application to facilitate planning, decision-making, and resource allocation.

User Features:

  • Secure on line application with password protected access levels determined by school and board roles and responsibilities.
  • Automated workflow processes that streamline form submission and approval, resource allocation and Ministry reports.
  • Extends the functionality of other systems such as the Student Information System, HR systems and staff absence reporting systems.
  • Easy to read reports provide school and board level data analysis.
  • Reduction of manual data entry saves time and minimizes errors.
  • Compliance with school board collective bargaining agreements, business rules, and Ministry mandates.
  • Ongoing enhancement of functionality based on system needs and Ministry requirements.

Meeting school and board level needs

EDGE4 User Groups & Features

EDGE4 adheres to confidentiality and privacy laws

At EDGE4, we understand confidentiality and privacy laws are extremely important when it comes to the collection, use and disclosure of student and staff information.

EDGE4 users have password protected logins. A user’s access level is pre-determined by your school board and dependant on position. For example, Specialty Support Services are only accessed by Specialty Support Staff.

EDGE4 complies with Canada’s data privacy regulations, governed by PIPEDA(Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.