What is EDGE4?
EDGE4 (Education Data Gathering Engine) is an online data management system that allows educators to collectively manage and meet the needs of students and staff. EDGE4 integrates school and board-wide data from your SMS and other systems to enable users to store, modify and display data, initiate and manage Board and Ministry processes, and instantly create reports to inform decision-making.

The Big Picture - Display, Analyze & Manage
Your People, Resources & Services:

EDGE4 manages your data within its easy-to-use modules, each with their own functionality and workflow processes.

  • Special Education enables you to track and manage student exceptionalities and support levels, specialized transportation, resource staff allocation, and the initiation and delivery of specialized services such as speech and language, social work and psychological services. The Specialized Equipment Inventory tracks and manages the allocation of personal resources to students and its relocation through school moves and other transitions.
  • IEP enables teachers to create and modify all components of student IEPs. Identifications, placements, program, accommodations, modifications, learning goals and transition plans are easily updated as needed. The inclusion of health supports, specialized equipment, specialized transportation, special support services, behaviour support plans and safety plans are easily created and documented. Aggregated reports are available to board level staff for analysis and trending directly from the module. The IEP module complies with all Ministry mandates and timelines and is updated as required. Alerts notify staff of incomplete components.
  • English as a Second Language enables administrators, ESL teachers and school administrators to manage funded and non-funded ESL students and the staff and services that support these students. Reports enable educators to monitor trends and plan appropriately.
  • On-Calls enables school administrators to ensure that classrooms are covered during teacher absences. It brings together data from multiple systems to manage teachers and other school staff, absences, on-calls and supervisions. This module connects data from your Student Information System and absence management software with on-call and supervision data. Automated import processes ensure timely, accurate and efficient processing. Email notifications to teachers with assigned on-calls include confirmation links for clear communication. Alerts enable school administrators to ensure that staff members are not over their daily, weekly and yearly maximum number of on-calls and supervisions. Reports enable equitable and accurate resource allocation.
  • Board Field Trips manages the entire process for the organization. From the initial teacher request, through all aspects of the approval process to the ordering of transportation, easy on-line access enables all participants to efficiently follow board procedures and manage resources. Board level staff is able to generate aggregate reports to track and analyze student out of school educational experiences.
  • Elementary Staffing automates elementary school staff planning and management while meeting collective bargaining requirements. Last minute student enrolment changes and the impact on staff reduction or reallocation can be easily managed online. Administrative staff can set school schedules, add and manage planning and preparation time for teachers as well as supervision and lunch schedules. Teachers can manage their own class schedules and review their planning and preparation, supervision and lunch schedules. The reorganization of schools due to enrolment pattern changes and the scheduling of staff that are shared by schools is readily viewable and managed.
  • Secondary Staffing imports student registration data and school course offerings to enable staff to streamline section planning and allocation. Automated processes follow collective agreement requirements and enable efficient school course management and analysis of staffing requirements. Reports provide school and board level data to inform staffing decisions.
  • Supervised Alternative Learning(SAL) module enables administration, tracking and reporting of students who are on supervised alternative learning plans. Staff will be able to monitor students who are being assessed for the SAL program and students who are on a SAL Plan. A communication log is available for staff to note student progress and to enter data for the required reports. Students and parents can also log in to fill in log entries. A variety of reports are available including reports to support Ministry requirements, analysis and tracking.

*Modules can be customized with your Board’s terminology and purchased separately.

Managing & Meeting Needs

Leading EDGE4 Features:

  • Compatible with all Student Management Systems.
  • Data accessed at school & board levels.
  • Display data in easy to read formats.
  • Built in work flow processes.

Leading EDGE4 Benefits

  • Data that’s Up-to-Date - any changes or new additions to the SMS are updated to EDGE4 within 24 hours
  • Enhances communication between school, board & community
  • Saves time & money
  • Increases accountability
  • Allows multi-year planning
  • Enhances decision-making, time management, & service delivery
  • Supports strategies to increase student achievement & reduce the achievement gap

Anyone can collect data. EDGE4 makes data work for you!

For more information, download the following PDF Brochures: